Saturday, October 13, 2007

Things that I've learned...

I learn how to choose the best perfect PC and use it as a tool for gathering information, for business purposes and for FUN!! PC games :D
To be straight I learn how to maintain, troubleshoot, and how to be a good computer user. I also learn how to compute these hexadeca, binary,, whatever...

I know that we don't have all the time in the world, we still have much to learn about computers but time has passed, it's 2nd semester, we have to say good bye to Ma'am Pińon and to our Computer class. Who knows that there would be COMPUTER 2 this coming semester...

Top 5 Blogger Students of BSBA 1 - 1 MA !!!!!!!!!!!!

The TOP Bloggers in our Computer class!!!!!!!!!!! whooooooooooo!!! ang lalakas nyo!!!!! Ü

for #5 > Elfer Nińo De Guzman
#4 > Joanna Almazan
#3 > Gerald Manipol
#2 > Gian Rafael Ferrer

And for #1 ang pinakamalakas > Jim Ryan Rivera!!!!! hehe

My College Life...

College is the most important in all types of basic education. It enhances the skill of an individual to where he/she excel in to have a profession. In my experiences in college I learned that time is important because we do not have all the time in this world. Decision is also important in choosing a institution, and the most important is choosing the right, best course that fits where an individual excels. I'm a transferee student from Pasig Catholic College, taking one of the most difficult courses offered ~ Education. I realized that I do not excel in this course, so I decided to transfer and take BA. Now I'm happy to a BA student, enjoying this course with my bestfriends and study how to manage everything ~ like life...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wikipinas ... The Philippine Wikipedia...

HmmMMMmmmm??? Wikipinas is a Philippine E-Encyclopedia.. Just like wikipedia ... It is a comprehensive written compemdium that contains information on all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge. It features free editing of articles that are posted in it. In addition there are entries about Philippine culture, sports, politics and other knowledge areas. There can also be found some directories for schools, corporations, government institutions.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Whø's Kenneth Cabang??

AHøY !!!
I'm Kenneth Cabang yøu can call me Kenn. I'm a freshmen in PLMar. I'm handling the majør øf management. It's not easy to be a BA student. I'm interested in making new friends, døing extreme activities, and eating pizzas. There are times that I'm timid, lacking enøugh cøurage tø express myself, and sømetimes hardheaded. I løve playing RPGs, specially RF and døta. I alsø løve listening to acøustic music, playing guitar, and reading fictiøn bøøks.

What should I say about myself. I'm an friendly lad who have the utmost respect to the person i'm with. Stick to one and faithful to my partner ~ to my GF. I also worked for Greenwich Corp. in Ali-Mall where I've become one of the best pizza makers in the store. And thinking of establishing my own business I want it something like Greenwich but more of creating new flavors which satisfies the customers.

If yøu want tø knøw møre abøut me yøu can add me up øn my friendster ør call me - 940-39-34..